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Tagless---who is the real leader


In September 2004, Hanes were officially available in China. The first product Hanes launched  are the classic series of underwear for men and women with the integration of the latest color and style of cotton¡£Like the Hanes in the United States and Japan,  all products in China listed on Hanes "Go Tagless".
"Go Tagless" are make no sense tagging technology, that is, the label information is printed directly into the clothing fabric, which replaced the traditional polyester labels. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese underwear consumers will no longer be worried about the tie for the neck or waist¡£
However,99 percent of traditional heat transfer labels contain harmful and irritative elements,such as Formaldehyde, phthalate ,irritative dyestuff and heavy metal.these elements can cause a series of skin allergy react. For the Carter¡¯s Tagless rashes ,the company admits some clothing are still not Oko-Tex certified. The tagless labels in Carter's infant and toddler clothing have been identified as the cause of rashes among infants that range from mild discomfort to weeks-long.
Since Carter's tagless rashes and allergy happened , international experts and social group begin to pay more attention to the clothing labels. environment-friendly and safe materials become every Mom¡¯s the top Choice for clothes. "Low-carbon" is a way of life advocated by environmentalists. now, clothing are also stressing that "low-carbon."
How to improve Tagless labels better ?
Water-based ink can greatly imporve the quality of Tagless labels.
This newest environent-friendly ink does not have Formaldehyde, phthalate ,irritative dyestuff and heavy metal.
Guangzhou Mountainwood Garment Accessories Company has successfully invented the best Tagless labels,which bring a challenge to the accessory industry.These tagless labels feel soft ,have no glue-edge ,no PVC,no color fading.besides,we can make reflective labels according to client¡¯s particular demand.Compared to traditional sewing labels,Tagless labels are best for underwear and babywear.
Mountainwood Tagless labels all adopt environment-friendly materials and it perfectly meets the safety standard of European and American
countries.Tagless labels mainly includes: Tagless labels,heat transfer labels ,Tagless for T-shirt ,Tagless for underwear,Tagless for babywear
Tagless labels heat transfer,Tagless clothing labels ,Tagless iron-on labels ,heat printing labels,no gluhe-edge heat transfer labels,water-based tagless labels.
Tagless clothing are comfortable to wear ans soft to¡¯s low cost and high efficiency ,easy to print on the clothes.most important is that Tagless labels follows world¡¯s current fashion trends and express  enterprise image perfectly.
We always hold on the principle of innovation,honest,environemntal,quality in order to improve the sustainable development.
Mountainwood heat transfers present an extremely versatile brand identification solution for garment decoration and ¡®tag-free¡¯ labeling across all textile apparel sectors. From intimate apparel to industrial work wear¡­ from performance sportswear to high-street fashion ¡­ our industry-leading heat transfer technology combines the highest quality aesthetics with unparalleled technical performance for undeniable customer satisfaction.
Mountainwood Tagless is the real tagless label leader in the world.

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